Reflections on Fall Semester of 2016

It’s the last Friday of my first semester of college and I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that I’m actually done. No homework, no exams, and no 5:30 AM rowing for almost a month! It’s been a relatively successful semester; I’m ending the year with all A’s (barring any abysmal final exam grades) and a pretty secure spot on the rowing team for the spring, I’ve met a ton of new people, learned things from both my curriculum and from college life itself, and had a lot of experiences that (for both good and bad reasons) I won’t ever forget.

Almost everyone on campus left today or, like me, will be leaving tomorrow. Anita flew out to New York with 3 of her European friends yesterday and before leaving gave me a pair of really nice chopsticks, a t-shirt that says Taiwan on it, one of the little red Chinese New Year envelopes with 100 Taiwanese dollars (about $3 USD) in it because I told her I loved getting them from my Vietnamese and Chinese friends at home, and a guidebook to Taiwan. I’m definitely going to miss her and I wish she had more time here, but I’m excited for her to see her family again and definitely plan on keeping in touch after she gets back home. And, who knows, I could very well end up in Taiwan someday…

This semester has truly flown by, and I feel like I’ve gotten off to a pretty good start being somewhat of an adult. I have really enjoyed getting involved and being here on campus but I’m very much looking forward to winter break, where I will have two and a half weeks of relaxing, watching Netflix, seeing family, and eating real people food, then 10 days in Florida for a winter training camp with half of the rowing team (yay, two-a-days!). And then it’s back here for the spring to do it all over again. Until then, happy holidays, and don’t forget to enjoy every second you have here. Life is short; eat well, love people, try new things, explore the world, and always wear more layers than you think you’ll need this time of year 🙂




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