New Semester, New President, and Other News

Well this post was supposed to happen sometime early in February but wow, things have been nuts. I figured my second semester would be easier than my first because I more or less know what I’m doing now and what to expect from this place. But I was sorely mistaken. With rowing being in season and my workload in class being about twice as much, I feel like I’ve just been playing catch-up for the past 3 months. But hey, I only have about 4 weeks to go, and then summer!

Short, sad anecdote regarding summer: I was supposed to spend a month in Spain over mid June/early July. I enrolled in a History of Jazz class to fulfill my Understanding Artistic Forms credit, and it was basically comparing American jazz music through its European and African ancestors with Flamenco music of Spain. The professor was awesome, the timing was great, I was going to get to stay with a host family (read: full immersion into the culture, lots of Spanish practice, and FOOD), and there were a bunch of super cool excursions planned. I applied, got accepted, did a happy dance, and paid the first third of my program fee. The professor called me the week before spring break and said that there were only 2 or 3 people enrolled in the class, but that he went every year and was definitely still going with whoever wanted to go as long as I was okay with it being a small group. I told him that group size was no problem for me, and we planned to meet after break to go over details with the other girl on campus that was signed up. Then, in the middle of break, I got the email. “Due to low enrollment, your program has been cancelled.” Sorry ’boutcha, we’re crushing your dreams in three lines of Times New Roman. So now I have no plan for my summer and still have to fit 2 study abroad trips around the MCAT and all of my other pre-med/biology/Spanish requirements. But there must have been a reason for it, and I’m sure my next trip will be even better. I mean, as long as I actually get to take it I suppose it will automatically be an improvement…

But back to the point. New semester has been crazy. And not just in terms of classes; Donald Trump was inaugurated on January 20th and I could write a full post solely on the crazy things he has done since he’s been in office. The British government officially started the withdrawal process of Brexit, the Patriots won the Super Bowl, terrorist attacks abound, and protests have popped up worldwide over  issues from women’s and transgender rights in the US to demonstrations against Chile’s privatized pension system, Anti-Zuma protests in South Africa, protests in Russia, Hungary, Venezuela, and so many others. Plus, last year was the warmest year on record according to NASA, and the weather doesn’t seem to be breaking its string of anomalous behavior any time soon.

So things have been weird. But I’m just going to keep an eye out, keep going, and see where we go from here.


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